Office of Program Support

As part of CDCR's Division of Rehabilitative Programs, the Office of Program Support (OPS) consists of the several units focused on providing support and outreach to all of DRP.

The units within Office of Program Support are:

  • Accounting – responsible for the reporting of contract budgets and expenditures for all CDCR's rehabilitative programs, which include In-Prison, Office of Correctional Education, and Community-Based programs. Our accounting staff implements policy, plans and procedures to effectively work toward the goals and objectives set forth by our division and executive authority while ensuring the integrity of accounting practices and principles. Critical functions of the Accounting Unit are to track and process invoices from submission through dispute resolution, as well as perform annual year-end liquidations, reconciliation and accrual of contract budgets. Accounting Services is also responsible for tracking of Budget Transfer Request, Advance Payment Request, responding to audit letter inquiries and Contractor Purchase Request.

  • Billing / Invoicing Units – responsible for the review and approval of budget transfer request, payments for services, goods, contracts, and other non-salary expenses, incurred by all CDCR's rehabilitative programs, which include In-Prison, Office of Correctional Education, and Community-Based programs. The Billing/Invoicing units ensure invoices are accurate, processed in a timely manner, and in compliance with established policies and procedures. Invoicing staff are assigned by Vendor but work as a team to process invoices. We strive to be recognized as an efficient, responsible, and friendly team that is valued by all.

  • Business Services / Training Unit – provides support to all DRP staff in the areas of facilities management, fleet management and communication services. This team also provides all training support to all DRP staff.

  • Fiscal Unit – provides budgetary and fiscal support throughout the Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP). It manages and supports a half billion dollar budget by providing allotments to each program area and working with analysts in each area to maintain annual projections on a monthly basis. The Fiscal Services Unit works with internal program areas to analyze and amend Budget Change Proposals (BCP) and help manage budget authority through all annual budgetary processes. Additionally, the Fiscal Services Unit assists in the preparation and review of responses to the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO), Department of Finance (DOF), and the Legislature on behalf of DRP.

  • Personnel Services Unit – manages the human resources function at DRP. The team provides high quality human resources support and services regarding employee recruitment and selection processes, employee evaluation, employee assistance and discipline, and employee/employer relations.

  • Procurement Unit – ensures on-time receipt of best-value commodities and services to support the rehabilitative mission.

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An offender who is serving, or has served, their time on good behavior has access to many rehabilitative services and programs if they are determined to be in need.
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Rehabilitative programs are the best way for an offender to be prepared for success upon release. The link below explains this process with an easy-to-follow diagram

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