Rehabilitative Resources

Below are a list of resources available to you.

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Innovative Programming Grants

Round Five is here! The 2018-2019 State Budget has approved an ongoing funding of $4 million per year for additional Innovative Programming Grants. The Innovative Programming Grants will be awarded in three year periods for a total of $12 million per round. Eligibility for these grants are specifically intended for nonprofit organizations currently providing programs in an adult correctional institution setting and have demonstrated success and focus on offender responsibility and restorative justice principles.

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California Prison Industry Authority

CALPIA is a self-supporting, customer-focused business that reduces recidivism, increases prison safety, and enhances public safety by providing offenders productive work and training opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to common questions pertaining to CDCR's Department of Rehabilitative Programs.

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The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Division of Rehabilitative Programs—in partnership with the Division of Adult Parole Operations—is working with its community based providers to assist in facilitating parolee enrollment into Affordable Health Care Act Insurance.

[ See Medi-Cal for more information ]

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Outside Resources

Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) provides an informative list of resources in regards to rehabilitation. These are helpful outside references that are not governed by CDCR. [ Disclaimer ]

 Addiction Treatment has published an online resource guide for Addiction Treatment.
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Contact Us

If you seek further assistance with DRP-related programs and services, feel free to contact us. We provide options to phone, email or mail our division.

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An offender who is serving, or has served, their time on good behavior has access to many rehabilitative services and programs if they are determined to be in need.
See Rehabilitative and Educational Services

Specific Rehabilitative Offices:

Rehabilitative programs are the best way for an offender to be prepared for success upon release. The link below explains this process with an easy-to-follow diagram

See Rehabilitative Process

See Technology Solutions for more information.

Technology has opened the door to more educational opportunities while simultaneously reducing government spending. Below is a list of technology initiatives at CDCR.

See Rehabilitative Program Videos for DRP program information and general insight of CDCR's offender rehabilitation.