DRP TV is a multi-channel streaming network that delivers secure educational and rehabilitative television programming to offenders at all California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation institutions. DRP produces, schedules, and delivers a mixture of television network programming, movies, and a complement of rehabilitative programming.

DRP TV supports a variety of educational programming from basic literacy to GED preparation courses and pre-recorded college courses. Programming consists of a variety of up-to-date material that delivers rehabilitative and educational content designed to supplement offenders’ core curriculum and academic literacy.

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DRP TV programming is available to all adult institutions.


DRP TV and institutional programming are accessible at all times in day rooms within housing/units. Round-the-clock access proves beneficial for those unable to attend classes due to conflicts in their schedules. Viewing hours established may vary by institution. Specific rehabilitative programming and educational/college courses will have specific scheduling hours.

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Rehabilitative programs are the best way for an offender to be prepared for success upon release. The link below explains this process with an easy-to-follow diagram

See Rehabilitative Process

See Technology Solutions for more information.

Technology has opened the door to more educational opportunities while simultaneously reducing government spending. Below is a list of technology initiatives at CDCR.