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CDCR Main Number: 916-324-7308

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Online Phone
Launch Inmate Locator 916-445-6713
Online Regional Offices Parole Units
Parole Offices Headquarters: 916-445-6200
Northern Region: 916-255-2758
Southern Region: 909-468-2300
Northern Region
Southern Region
Online Phone Email
Victim Services 1-877-256-6877 (toll free) Send email
Online Phone
Juvenile Justice 916-683-7460 (voice)
916-683-7770 (fax)
Online Phone Email
Press Office 916-445-4950 Send email
External Affairs 916-445-4950 or 916-324-6422 Send email
Online Phone Email
Office of Research 916-445-1310 (voice)
916-323-2998 (fax)
Audits and Court Compliance 916-255-2990 (voice)
916-255-1850 (fax)
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Online Phone Email
Contracts and Procurement Help Desk 916-255-5624 (voice)
916-255-6186 (fax)
Small Business/DVBE Advocate 916-255-3029 (voice)
916-255-0677 (fax)
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Small Business Accounts Receivable/Payable Assistance 916-255-5443 Send email
Online Phone Email
Legislation 916-445-4737 Send email
Division of Adult Institutions Division of Adult Parole Operations
* these numbers are to be used by law enforcement partners only
After hours contact: 916-324-2891 After hours contact: 916-323-4087