Welcome to
Alder Conservation Camp #20


Contact Info

1400 Alder Camp Road, PO Box 906, Klamath, CA 95548
Phone: 707-482-4511

CDCR Camp Staff

  • Lt. W. Hanks, Camp Commander


  • T. Nix, Division Chief

Facts and figures

Total Staff (CDCR) 2015: 9
Total Staffing (CAL-FIRE) 2015: 14
Total # Inmates: 109

Community Service projects
Alder Camp has (8) Community Service Project Sponsors. CC-20 has (5) Project Crews. As of 10/31/2015 they have performed 11,248 man hours of work for these sponsors.

CC-20 has (5) Fire Crews. As of 10/31/2015, they have performed 7,664 hours of fire suppression work.

Project Descriptions

Provides services for the promotion of conservation of human and natural resources with the following agency sponsors.

  1. Cal Trans
  2. Parks and Recreation
  3. United States Forrest Service
  4. National Parks
  5. Humboldt County Roads
  6. County Contracts
  7. Bureau of Land Management
  8. Local Government

In addition to assisting with the previously mentioned sponsors, Alder Camp inmates also assist the American Cancer Society by setting up and taking down the local Relay for Life fund raising event, annually. The inmates at Alder Camp additionally build toys throughout the year in the Toys for Tots program, under the guidance and supervision of Cal Fire. The toys are distributed through local government agencies for the local under privileged children, whom receive the toys during the Christmas season.

Camp History

The Alder Conservation Camp was opened in April 1961. The Camp is jointly operated by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL-FIRE). The Camps primary mission is to provide inmate fire fighting crews for fire suppression activities in the Humboldt-Del Norte Ranger Unit Areas. In addition to fire suppression, inmate hand crews provide a work force for conservation and community service projects in the local area. In-camp, Alder’ has a CALFIRE Saw Mill and Wood Shop which produce lumber and wood products for tax supported governmental agencies.

The CDCR is responsible for the selection, supervision, care and discipline of the inmates. CALFIRE maintains the camp, supervises the work of inmate fire crews, and is responsible for custody of the inmate while on their daily CALFIRE project activities. CDCR staff may accompany the inmate fire crew when they respond out of the local area to provide for inmate security, care, and custody when no on emergency assignments to fires and other emergencies. Inmates must have 24 hour per day direct supervision while on work projects and while assigned to emergencies.

Inmate Programs

  • Narcotics and Alcohol Anonymous meetings
  • Religious faith based services
  • Hobby Craft program
  • Visiting program
  • Canteen program
  • College and other educational correspondence services available