Capital Punishment

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Inmates on Condemned Status

Pursuant to state law, all male prisoners on condemned status are housed at a maximum-security custody level in designated units at San Quentin State Prison. Females are housed in a maximum-security unit at Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla. The number of condemned inmates has increased steadily since 1978. A statistical summary updated monthly of all condemned inmates currently under the supervision of CDCR and related material about capital punishment is available on this website.

The California Attorney General’s Office handles post-conviction proceedings and the appellate process for people sentenced to death. This process is explained in their publication, “A Victim’s Guide to the Capital Case Process.”


The new proposed File and Print regulations for the Administration of the Death Penalty by lethal injection are available at this link. Proposition 66, the Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act, passed by California voters on November 8, 2016, added Section 3604.1 subdivision (a) to the Penal Code and exempts the state’s execution standards, procedures or regulations promulgated pursuant to Penal Code section 3604, from the Administrative Procedure Act.