Office of External Affairs

What is the Office of External Affairs?

The OEA was established to function as a liaison between CDCR and its external stakeholders, fostering a streamlined approach to information sharing. These stakeholders include local and statewide law enforcement groups, community and faith-based organizations, city and county government officials, nonprofit organizations, and any other community group or organization. The OEA serves to keep CDCR stakeholders up to date with events and news concerning the Department and values the input of each of their stakeholders. In addition, the OEA is responsible for identifying surrogates from media market to back CDCR when support or clarification is needed.


The mission of the OEA is to further the interests of the CDCR through collaborative and communicative efforts with California communities and CDCR stakeholders.


The Vision of the OEA is to build and maintain enduring relationships with CDCR stakeholders, communicate Departmental information, support regional events and partnerships, foster a sense of community collaboration and value the input of CDCR stakeholders.


  • Quality Service and Excellence
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Advancement of Public Information and Communication
  • Collaboration and Coordination
  • Delivery of News, Resources, and Information

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