Council on Mentally Ill Offenders


The leaders in criminal justice and mental health participating in this effort strive to end the criminalization of individuals with mental illness by supporting proven strategies that promote early intervention, access to effective treatments, a planned re-entry and the preservation of public safety.


A true shift in the paradigm between criminal justice and mental health will embody an effective jail diversion system that fosters an ongoing and successful exchange of information among courts, criminal justice agencies, mental health professionals, government and non-government organizations to achieve a substantial positive change in the way individuals with mental illness are treated in our communities

Priorities for 2015/16

At its January 22, 2015 meeting, the Council unanimously approved prioritizing its 2015-16 focus on identifying and promoting integrated, cost effective strategies to:

COMIO would like to engage external stakeholders to identify recommended strategies in the above three areas, and welcome your collaboration. To learn more or to get involved, please contact Stephanie Welch at
(916) 324-7021.

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