Board of Parole Hearings

The Board (adult hearings) is composed of 14 full-time Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor. The Commissioners are appointed to staggered three year terms. The Commissioners conduct life prisoner parole suitability hearings and associated documentation, progress, and rescission hearings for adult offenders under the jurisdiction of the department. A monthly public session is convened in part to review cases referred by the Governor for rescission, resolve split decisions of parole suitability and decide cases referred per California Penal Code 1170. The Board may also consider matters referred for decision review, as well as requests for clemency and pardon. The Board may promulgate regulations. Public comment and participation occurs at the monthly meetings.

BPH Commissioners travel to prisons throughout the state conducting on-site suitability hearings Participants may include the inmate, inmate's attorney, District Attorney's representative and Victims and Victim's Next of Kin present. The Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner consider all relevant information related to suitability for parole to make a determination as to whether or not the life inmate remains a current, unreasonable risk of dangerousness to the public. The Commissioner chairs these hearings and the panel considers the evidence presented in accordance with relevant Penal Code provisions, case law and California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Division 2.

Commissioner Biographies